Company’s Profile

Our marine tourism business sets off its activities in the early 90’s, with the formation by Mr. Dimitris Zafeiropoulos of the WaterAction Sports School, based at Agrari Beach, Mykonos. Mr. Zafeiropoulos is the Founder and the Owner of Mykonos Yachting. Certified as a Water Sports’ Trainer, he was involved in the water sports and the diving field for many years. During this period he charted small vessels to those eager to know the wild and unknown beauty of Mykonos Island. As a skipper, he was the one to introduce the yet to be discovered Mykonos to many visitors of the island. The feedback he received, providing this service, was enthusiasm and excitement. This gave him the motivating power to design and build a yacht that could host more guests.

This led to the launch of Glassbottom Discovery, a yacht with 10 square meters of glass at the bottom of her salon. Glassbottom Discovery is so unique, that not only she can host up to 80 people, but she is also built according to the standards and the comfort that a yacht can provide. She can cruise close to the shore, so that everyone on board can admire the surrounding view and the unspeakable treasures of the coasts of Mykonos and the nearby Cycladic islands.

Since then, the growing demand for additional and tailor-made services made imperative the expansion of Mykonos Yachting fleet. At this very moment, Mykonos Yachting has in its asset 9 motor yachts, all of them privately owned and in perfect condition, available 24/7 at Mykonos island. They bear all the necessary certificates and meet the most rigorous and demanding safety and security standards. Our experience was our guideline, so as to properly adjust the Yachts to the requirements of a cruise at the Cyclades islands and our know-how made these adjustments feasible. The aforementioned along with the excellence in customers’ services puts Mykonos Yachting in the first range.

Our Philosophy

Knowledge of our field paired with excellence in customer service is what distinguish Mykonos Yachting. We are always willing to inform and suggest – but we never forget that we are here to create your tailor-made experience. We are here for you both before your trip and throughout your cruise so as to make sure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Our Team

All of us in Mykonos Yachting Team we are passionate and enthusiast; our work is our passion. It’s what we do all day every day. We know what to recommend and we establish long-lasting relationships with our guests. We have the education and the experience to ensure that you enjoy exceptional cruising experiences. This is our commitment to you.

Why choose Mykonos Yachting

Privately owned Yachts

Mykonos Yachting is a member of Hellenic Professional Yachts Owners Association; all the Yachts presented are company’s property. Therefore you get the best rates avoiding any brokerage fees and ensuring that you are chartering a yacht in an excellent condition.

High quality and customised services

Mykonos Yachting puts its standards high and everyone in our Team is focused on you. We listen to your wishes or ideas and we plan together your ultimate travel experience, while we offer a variety of services.

High safety and security standards

Mykonos Yachting abides by the strictest and highest international standards of safety and security. Being the owners of the Yachts, we personally take care of all the relevant issues, while our permanent staff is occupied with the Yachts’ maintenance all year round.

Thousands of satisfied guests

Every year thousands of guests receive our services and they are writing their impressions at our Guests’ Books. We are proud of their testimonials; those are your guarantee and the proof that we deliver what we promise.

Secure Transactions

Certified as a travel agent, Mykonos Yachting has taken all the necessary precautions, so as to assure your transactions, applying strict transaction security specifications in line with international standards. The security of banking transactions carried out via credit card are under the secure e-commerce environment and is our top priority, both in regards to the protection of your personal data and to the confidentiality and integrity of the transactions you carry out.

Experience and Know-how

Mykonos Yachting is in the marine tourism for more than 2 decades. These years have given us the knowledge and the know-how, so as to be able to create a unique and unparalleled holiday experience for you.

Experienced and qualified staff

Everyone in Mykonos Yachting, regardless her/his position, holds all the relevant certificates and she/he is well experienced so as to provide you with the best of services. We have permanent staff and we constantly invest on their training.

Certified Travel Agency

Mykonos Yachting is certified by the Greek National Tourism Organization as a Travel Agency. Therefore Mykonos Yachting complies with all the relevant laws, instructions and requirements imposed by the Greek legislation.

24/7 Services

Our 24/7 Reservation Team handles on-the-go requests and are the best people to share your thoughts and plan together your cruise. Due to our extensive experience, we will provide you with the optimal proposals at the best rates in the shortest time.

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